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Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Welcome to the website of the Pyrenean Mountain dogs , Isodorus, Helene-Faye , Romeo , Amber, Denuy , Femmy , Rose (Emilie, Norah-Lee in memoriam). We are Rolf, Belinda, Fleur and Sander. 'The Pyrenean Mountain Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.' The love between our family and the dogs is indeed powerful . We don´t put the dogs in a kennel environment. Our dogs live indoors. We do not want dogs to live alone . In our heart and soul, we are farmers. We decide to leaving the high-level stress and move to Germany. After 2 years of planning, we bought a farm . Our small farm is located in Rees. A Pyrenean Mountain Dogs Farm Come True. The Great Pyrenees dog breed´s goal in life is to protect sheep, goats, livestock, people, children, grass, flowers, the moon, the lawn furniture, bird feeders, and any real or imaginary predators that may intrude on your personal space. Oh yeah, and to give, give, and give unconditional love. Anyone who has seen this stunning white dog becomes enamored. He has a strong build, a beautiful, thick coat, and he exudes elegance and majesty. One look and you can see the intelligence and steady temperament that many seek in a good family dog.. Pyrenean Mountain Dog breedstandard Our slogan is `A picture is worth a thousand words´. We used a lot of images to share our love for the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Enjoy! impression It's a dog's life Our philosophy. du domaine Blanche-Neige breed vision Let´s not measure a breeders success by the amount of winning their dogs do in the show ring, but by the number of dogs that stay with the family that purchased them as a pup and tha die in the arms of that same family 14 years later. In that case , we have three winners, the breeder, the family and most importantly, the dog.
Below a Impression . It's a du domaine de Blanche-Neige Pyr´s life All males and females are living together . My dogs playing in and outside. They have small kiddie pool with water placed in the shade for dogs to play in. Our Pyrs share the desire to sleep in holes and under trees. Wenn the dogs are outside in very hot weather often dig holes to sleep. All our dogs living inside. We don´t want the dogs in a kennel. The dogs living not alone. To keep your animals together and living peacefully, they need to have the right temperaments and socialization. All I ask is that they respect each other and all the other animals. And respect us as their superieur. We always take our dogs with us everywhere that we're going.
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“The beauty of a Pyrenean Mountain Dog is timeless .”
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We hopen in begin december 2022 baby’s te krijgen Suzette du domaine de Blanche-Neige (F Nest) wordt in oktober gedekt. De vader hoort u binnenkort. Ze zijn allebei uitgebreid op gezondheid getest. U kunt als u geintresseerd bent ons een bericht sturen. We zouden het wel heel fijn vinden als u onze lieve honden eerst leert kennen. U kunt dan zien hoe ze leven. Ze leven met ons en niet voor ons. We hebben geen kennels. Het zijn bij ons familie honden. Het nestje van onze Merle is gepland voor de lente 2023 Suzette en Merle hebben uitstekende gezondheidsresultaten HD/A, OCD, ED, PL en overgangswervel, CES, vrij en ze hebben een DOK ogen test en karaktest en angsttest gedaan. De vader Bastan isn HD A, ED en PL vrij getest. U kunt op de link F Nest en G Nest de stambomen en de gezondheidresultaten zien . Wanneer u het ras wilt leren kennen of u wilt meer informatie over een nestje. Stuur ons een bericht.. whatsapp. 0049 - 15778697715 E-mail:
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